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Shurdan's Perfect Copacetic Poison
     Shurdan's Perfect Copacetic Poison
"Cope" is Lazy D Ranch's standard (small) australian shepherd that came to us in March 2011 from Mary of Shurdan Creek in Ky. The moment we laid eyes on him as an 8 week old pup we knew he would be something special. Evaluating as top of his litter of 8, he were pleased to find many show and working trial champions in his pedigree. He was purchased with the goal to keep our mini's close to their founding AKC standard australian shepherd roots as top show, agility, herding and companion dogs. Cope is strong in every area aboved mentioned and we think he will do a fine job of keeping our lines grounded and true to aussie form. He will be used selectively in our program.
They say pictures are worth a thousand words... we believe they can tell you more than our words ever could.

Enjoy Cope and we hope you see and appreciate the things that makes him so special.
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Pretty neat if you asked us.
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