Lazy D's Tyme to Party
     Lazy D's Tyme to Party
"Ty" is Lazy D Ranch's leading sire. He came to us in late 2007 from Bonita Haer of River Bottom Ranch in Mo. He was purchased to compliment our founding female, Ali. And he did so beyond our expectation. He has matured into an outstanding sire. Heavy bone, big square frame, instense worker, extreme athlete, smart as a whip, antics that could entertain you for hours, and the "coolest" dog you will ever meet.
He is everything we could ever want in a mini aussie and continues to prove to us, with every litter, why he is Lazy D's #1 sire.
Ty is the security guard, laborer, referee and the right hand man of the ranch. Happy reports from new owners of his offspring compliment on how much personality they have. Ty is full of just that and has enough to share with everyone. He will always have a toy with him that he will pay any cost just for a little play time. Ty is resiliant, tough, extremely adaptable and very driven in his work ethic.
Ty has proven himself to be a sire that never disappoints. He is a carrier for harlequin patterns in merles, natural bob tails but does not a carrier for the blue eyed tri gene. Expect puppies of his to be quiet (not vocal), possess a mellow temperment that gears up on the fly, extremely athletic, intuitive- smart, overflowing with personality and very driven in their jobs. His blocky signature head type and perfect earset come through very strong no matter whom the dam be. Conformationally they are balanced and carry a lot of bone and substance.
Ty is an invaluable asset to our program that we will continue to strive and improve upon. He is clear for the disease progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and posses a normal genetic makeup in regards to the multi-drug resistancy gene (MDR1). He sustained an injury in his two year old year that has caused his hip reading to be less than ideal (subluxation). We are confident this is because of his extreme work ethic and unfortunate circumstances. He has passed his cardiological work up yearly as well as being tested negative for brucellosis. Aside for seasonal allergies, Ty has been one of the healthiest, sound dogs we have ever owned. He continues to perform his agility work, including jumping 5ft fences, running down stock and swimming on the daily, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.
As a coming five year old, and sire to many outstanding puppies, we will see that his lines continue on in even better fashion than Ty himself (if that's possible). He will be retired in the near future and enjoy a retirement fit for a king here with us.

Enjoy Ty and we hope you see and appreciate the things that makes him so special.
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