Service Aussies
We at Lazy D Ranch are dedicated to helping people live out their best lives.
In spring of 2012, the Lord opened up a major door for us at Lazy D Ranch. Our paths crossed with a few different individuals who came to us, desperate for a miracle. We have always stood by the fact that animals have special healing powers, more powerful than any phyciatrist, medication, etc.
With one litter, our lives and the lives of many others, changed dramatically.
This hit us very close to home as we have our very own service dog, Hartsafire Blue Eyed Cowgirl. We were aware of what relief and help she gives Dara but never imagined that we could be capable of producing a line of aussies to serve others.
And so it begins, with the help of our Heavenly Father and many, many faithful friends who have become like family, we will continue to develop, grow and strengthen our Lazy D Ranch Service dog line.
We hope you will join us on this invaluable journey....
Please take the time to education yourselves on the in's and out's of service dogs, and the rights that handelers and dogs have in a public.
We have provided some information below as a general overview of what a service dog is.
As this part of our program continues to grow we will start to add stories from all the individuals that have been saved by a Lazy D Ranch service dog.
Please stay tuned.....
Service Dog Information
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Lazy D Ranch Service Dog
Goals and Mission
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