Mini Aussie Pups
Purchase Information

Deposit of $500 is required on all sales.
Nonrefunble in any case- transferable upon next available litter(s),

COMPANION DOG: A happy, healthy puppy with minor cosmetic fault(s) not favored in the show ring or for breeding. Companion puppies receive ‘Limited Registration’ and should be neutered/spayed.
$1000 and up

WORKING DOG [Obedience, Tracking, Herding, Agility, Therapy, Service]: A puppy that is structurally sound, showing eagerness, healing power and/or sustained interest in herding, gathering, retrieving, climbing, and other structured activities. Working pups depending on age and training. 'Limited & Full Registration' offered dependant on individual puppy.

BREEDING DOG: A puppy that is physically and mentally sound, structurally correct and strong, conforms to the aussie breed standard and is well-bred to produce quality offspring. 'Full Registration' available with the appropriate applying clubs and registrys. Breeding dogs are placed with guaranteed clearance of hips and eyes at appropriate ages.
$1,500 and up

SHOW PROSPECT: A puppy that excels on all counts, fully conforms to the aussie breed standard and shows off its style and character with the self-assured pride and confidence of a winner. 'Full Registration' available with the appropriate applying clubs and registrys. Show prospects are placed with guaranteed clearance of hips and eyes at appropriate ages.
$1,500 and up

ADULT COMPANIONS: Occasionally, when we retire one of our special matrons or stud dogs – usually breed champions with working titles or a resume to prove so – we offer these aussie friends a life of leisure with loving, full-time families. New homes will receive all appropriate health test clearances, title certificates, registration papers, etc. Most of our retirees will come to their new home already spayed or neutered.

The only time prices will be differ is when they are posted in red below puppies description!

All puppies are sold under contract.
COMPANION dog contract, WORKING dog contract, BREED/SHOW dog contract
Every puppy is sent with a 72 hour money back health guarantee and atleast an 36 month genetic defect free guarantee.

Available- no serious inquiries about puppy have been expressed.
Pending- verbal agreement of adoption has been made. Awaiting contract and deposit.
On Hold- contract has been received, deposit cleared and we are awaiting final payment.
Sold- puppy is paid in full.
Reserved- puppy is being held back to observe for our breeding program.
If a puppy in "reserved" please feel free to still inquire. We cannot properly evaluate breeding prospects until 6-12 weeks of age, often puppies become availble.
Our dogs will love and admire the meanest of us and feed our colossal vanity with their uncritical homage.
- Agnes Repplier
Interested in where Lazy D started?
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For nearly a decade, Lazy D Ranch has bred aussies of with character, beauty, and intelligence. On the ranch, at work and at home, our aussies are confident, trustworthy, affectionate companions. We firmly believe that early socialization in a stimulating setting brings out the aussie's versatile personality and enriches his/her entire adult life. Our aussies live with us as members of the family and participate in our daily routines; this is how they learn to behave appropriately in all situations.
** We offer the option of placing a deposit with us before a litter's arrival with a price promise guarantee on companion/service/therapy dogs. Any deposits placed before the litter is born will have their purchase price promised on a select puppy for $1000. Prices are subject to increase on available puppies after the litter is born or anytime during our evaluation process. We do not offer this option for breeding/show/working puppies as their price is based on overall quality, potential and scores from our entire evaluations. We will still accept deposits for show/breed/working puppies, however not under our price promise guarantee. Please feel free to email with anymore questions.
Ice x Jane litter
Jane's litter of 12 arrived August 11, 2014
(Click here to view their online photo album)
We are now accepting deposits.
Registered  AKC, ASCA
This is a litter directed towards our service/therapy dog work.
Some might also excel in the show ring, agility and herding work. Ideal companions.
Black Bi Male
Eyes: Brown

Full registration- $1750
Companion only- $1000

...At maturity...
21 in. and 55 lbs.