Past Pups
We will always post every puppy that has ever graced our lives.
We are proud to have been their start.
(The only exception is puppies that passed within the first 24 hours of life will not be pictured.
However, the number of puppies birthed will always be posted accurately.)
As we continue to grow and strengthen our program the number of puppies that have blessed our lives and have gone on to the most wonderful homes, continues to grow as well.

For simplicity,
we will seperate according to years.

Click the photos below to see all the puppies that have blessed us through the years.
Puppies of 2011
Puppies of 2010
Puppies of 2009
A VERY special thank you to all of the wonderful new owners of these puppies.
We have been extremely fortunate to find exceptional homes for them all.

Blessed are we...

If you are an owner of a past Lazy D puppy please feel free to send us updates often.
We love to see and hear about them as they bless your life.
Our email address is on our contact a page.
Along with all of our puppies we have been blessed to own alot of nice adults that too have gone on to new homes.
We give thanks to all these dogs, afterall we would not be where we are today without them.
Past Adults 2006-present
Puppies of 2012
Puppies of 2013
Puppies of 2014
Puppies of 2015
Puppies of 2016