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Lazy D Ranch is a working and breeding facility located in beautiful Tularosa, NM. Nestled at the foot of rolling mountains, not far from White Sands National Monument, the ranch sits on a twenty acre horse farm surrounded by farmlands and pecan orchirds. Since 2005, Lazy D Ranch has bred pure aussies of classic beauty, intelligence and character. Lazy D Ranch aussies share national and international reputation for excellence: on the ranch/farm, in the field and show ring, at home, and in service. Our dogs are confident and affectionate companions and trustworthy, capable partners.

Lazy D Ranch aussies are of moderate height (15 to 20 inches at the shoulder) and weight (30 to 55 lbs). On the ranch, we use our dogs to work and move our own stock including horses, cattle, and goats. During our everyday tasks, we are under the watchful eye of our service dogs. In our home, we share a life with therapy dogs. All of our dogs are trained in basic obedience, they are extensively socialized and all are trained in agility and herding. We do not show our dogs but have faith in the champions and lines of proven champions we have invested in.

There never yet has been a dog
Who learned to double cross,
Nor catered to you when you won
Then dropped you when you lost."
-- Mary Hale
Aussies are perfect for people wishing to own a highly-trainable, versatile, smart dog that can work/play "till the cows come home."
If you have the time and commitment for an aussie, you won't be disappointed. These special dogs deserve special owners. Their loyalty, drive, character, and whimsical sense of humor place them in a class by themselves!
Our goal is to provide loyal support to individuals and families in need of service and healing.

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Lazy D Ranch Australian Shepherds
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