Who are we?
If you are interested in owning one of Lazy D's puppies please feel free to contact us via phone or email anytime.
Today our dogs live happy, healthy lives on our ten acre horse farm. Where they are free to chase rabbits, mice, lizards, grasshoppers and any other small creature that crosses their paths. They are never kenneled and live a balanced and free life on our ranch with all the farm creatures. During the hot summer days our minis enjoy an occassional dip in the nearby lakes and ponds, not to mention water tanks. Our dogs are beloved pets but all do their part in working stock and helping where needed around the ranch. They are working dogs. Afterall that is what an australian shepherds was created to be.
Lazy D Ranch is proud to offer some of the finest Australian Shepherds in the world in true aussie form. We have spent countless hours researching and brought only the best australian shepherds into our home. We have been striving for years to perfect our program with emphasis on temperament, conformation, loyalty, performance and attitude. Our aussies come from the top service, herding, show and agility champion lines available today. Australian Shepherds are extremely intelligent, versatile, and willing to please. They make excellent family dogs, willing servants and loyal, life-healing companions.
Our obsession with australian shepherds started back in 2005 when we discovered the miniature variety of the breed. We brought our first two aussies for our breeding program home in October of 2006. Two siblings, Ali, a black tri female, and Mossy, a blue merle male. We were hooked. They had it all and brought such joy and happiness to our lives. It didn't take us long to realize that they were our ideal breed and the world needed more of what these intuituve creatures had to offer. We spent countless hours researching and educating ourselves to make an honest effort to not just breed but improve upon this fantastic breed.
New arrivals...
Our puppies are always whelped inside, in their own nursery. Tails and dewclaws are surgically removed by our veterinarian at three days old and are given a full examination, checking their heart, lungs and cleared of any abnormalities. The pups are kept inside their first few weeks to make sure all are healthy, active and growing appropriately. Around four weeks of age the pups are moved outside during the day, increasing in hours as they age, in their own quarantined area, to become familiarized with everyday sights, sounds and smells. It is important for them to interact with the outside world and not be strictly inside! All pups come back inside, at the latest, when the sun goes down to ensure their safety. Potty training basics are enforced during this time and off leash training begins. Crate training starts at six weeks of age and only takes one or two days to become part of the puppies routine.
Every puppy will be registerable with any or a combination of the following organizations:
AKC (American Kennel ClubDisclaimer: as of July 2018, we will no longer be using AKC to register our litters.
MASCA (Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America),
IMASC (International Miniature Australian Shepherd Club),
NSDR (National Stock Dog Registry),
ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry), and
ASA (Australian Shepherd Association)
We offer a health guarantee on all of our puppies under contract. When puppies are available we will put their expected size at maturity in the description. We will always do our best to give accurate descriptions of what we think individual puppies will mature into according to parent's stats, lineage and past puppy statistics, although size, eye color, ear set, temperament and disposition are never a guarantee.
The following is an overview of the entire process we follow in our program.
With the help of our veterinaians.
We work closely with several different specialists all over the country!

Please realize that australian shepherds are a working breed and do
require an appropriate amount of exercise to stay healthy mentally and physically.

Aussies can be amazing pets and companions
however they are NOT for everyone.
We as breeders reserve the right to refuse any sale.
What next...
If you are interested in a puppy from Lazy D Ranch please inquire intially by private message or email. We would be happy to talk with you more about a prospective puppy and to share any additional photos with you. We are a closed facility and do not allow visitors to our home for the security, safety and well being of our family and animals. We want any potential buyer to be 100% satisfied with their new family member. Therefore, we are willing to meet any prospective buyer with puppy's before committing. Purchase price will always be posted next to the puppy's description. As with most breeders, we reserve the rigth to refuse any sale. We want only the best homes for our puppies.Our dogs are raised and sold as working dogs first and foremost. However, on occassion, we may select a puppy with exceptional qualities in a specific area and allow him/her to be purchased directed in a different avenue other than work (for example: service, breeding, hunting, service). Every puppy purchased from Lazy D Ranch is sold under a contract. Please email us for a copy of our contract.
When the time comes you are ready to pay, a non-refunable deposit of $500 is required to hold him/her. Deposits will be accepted when litter is born, at which time, upon receiving signed contract, puppy will be placed "on hold" until completely paid for. We are always patient with payments, which can be made at your conveinience in whatever intervals you choose as long as all money is cleared before puppy leaves our home. We accept cash, check, money order and paypal (please add 4% to amount being sent to cover paypal fees). When payment is complete puppy's status will be changed to "sold" and arrangements can be made for pick-up, drop-off, delivery, or shipping.
Shipping available...
We prefer to meet in person any home we have chosen to receive our puppies. We offer delivery to our nearest airport for those individuals that want to fly in and fly back with their pup in cabin. However we realize especially with foreign sales, meeting your puppy in person is not always possible. Shipping is available, foreign and domestic with a flight nanny! Shipping within the 48 states normally runs $650 and up (flight $350, new crate $50, health certificate $150, time charge $100). We generally can be very flexible with shipping arrangements. We try to ship at your convenience, within reason of available flights. Shipping is always dependant on weather conditions. For people outside 48 states, please inquire privately so we can do further research on the requirements to ship to your country.

Upon arrival...
After receiving your puppy we will check with you the next few days to make sure that your new family member is settling into your home to your expectations. Although most, if not all, research about the australian shepherd breed should have already been done, we realize that unexpected/unpredictable questions arise. We are always available to you afterwards to answer any of your questions about your puppy, from the simplest to the complex. If we don't have the answer, we will find it! We also enjoy getting random pictures to let us know how the puppy is doing and maturing.

100% satisfaction is our goal because everyone and every aussie deserves to be equally happy... Together.
We want to make sure your puppy stays happy and healthy  throughout his/her entire life.
We are in an ongoing process of health testing all of our dogs to ensure they are free of prone genetic diseases.
(Our testing: PRA/PRCD, MDR1,  HC, DM, Glaucoma, BAER hearing test, hips rated by OFA, and cleared of any cardiological abnormalities)
When we receive the test results, that information will be released to you and displayed in each aussies description. The majority of our dogs are cleared through parentage testing.
All pictures on this website are the sole property of Dara Pearce and her affiliates.
Any unauthorized reproduction is prohbited by law.
I work very hard at taking pictures of my dogs.
If you would like a copy, please don't steal them, just ask.

Growing up in a farm/ranch home, we have a more practical approach to running our program. First we must have a foundation to our program- our home! We run our household as calm and assertive leaders. Our dogs are respectful, trusting, loyal, pleasing and more so, balanced- physically and pyscologically. We communicate with our dogs through their language, not ours. The easiest way for a dog to understand new teachings is through body language, energy and voice tone. Calm and firm requests with quick reward is key to providing a balanced life.

We stress that these are purebred- true australian shepherds. They are a working breed and need a job! We love the saying the "aussibilities are endless". There is no limit to what they can learn! We encourage new families to utilize, nourish, encourage and strengthen their natural abilities and instincts.To keep a balanced pack we have adopted this mentality in our program and it is working out wonderfully. We feel our dogs are more balanced, relaxed, happy and overall healthy!
By breeding, working and training privately on the ranch we are developing an exceedingly high set of expectations for our dogs as companions, healers and workers. By following breed standard loosely, we are creating a type that is completely based on our own personal vision of the australian shepherd as they are needed to assist us in our daily lives. Our goals are to develop a recognizable line of australian shepherds that are unique in style, appearance, work ethic, temperament and trainability in a one complete package that can be found no where else but Lazy D Ranch. Some of the characteristics you will find in our dogs are as follows:
Lazy D Ranch aussies are purebred australian shepherds first and foremost. They are of appropriate height and weight (14 inches and above. 20 lbs and up). Athletic build for speed, agility, endurance and physical durability. They will possess working instinct that can be encouraged or discouraged dependant on their owner's desire. Extremely biddable, intelligent, sensible and easy to train no matter the methodologies. We have adamently bred into them an "off" switch that enables them to readily adapt from workers, herders, to just house dogs and companions. True to aussie nature they a devoute loyalty to their family. Most are reserved with strangers, but not aggressive or timid. Our dogs have a traditional "old school" aussie appearance. They are resilient and adaptable, and react reliably in stressful situations.
The Works...
Puppies are not released to their new homes until they are 7 weeks old, (8 weeks if they are shipping) to receive as much puppy to puppy interaction and pack setting mentality as they can get, as this is a critical time in a young puppy's life. All pups will be UTD on preventative care that includes atleast three dewormings for intestinal parasites and atleast one distemper/parvo combo vaccine. Prior to leaving each puppy will be temperment tested and given a rating based soley on personality and disposition. Breeding prospects will be struturally evaluated at 8 weeks. Also they will receive a full health exam by our veterinarian atleast twice before departing us. At every vet visit, the pupppies will be looked over and checked for abnormalities. Our vet will exam their physical apperance- eyes, ears, bite, knees, elbows, patellas, testicles. As well as their internal organ system- heart, lungs and abdominal area. We want to ensure they are 100% healthy. Only the best for our puppies and dogs.
Our Keepers...
As we continue to grow we push ourselves to be better in every aspect of our lives, being a dog owner is no exception. Keeping a large pack number in a healthy balanced home is not easy. A common question we receive is how are we able to keep peace with so much freedom and trust given to our dogs in such a large pack or in a family AND social setting? Our best advice for our new puppy owners is to do their research and experiement with what type of training methos works best for them. Here, we use a combination of correctional/dominace and positive reinforcement (+R). Dogs are individuals and while one technique works best for one, that does not mean that same balance of technique(s) will work for another. Positive reinforcement and behvior correction are two drastically different training techniques but can create harmony and overall confidence and balance in your dog the the rest of their life if applied correctly.

"Being able to bring out a dog’s natural instincts is a key component to keeping him happy and fulfilled. It’s the secret to a calm and balanced life."
-Ceasar Millan
Disclaimer: We do not raise "toy", "mini" or "standard" aussies. We raise australian shepherds. There is no size variety. There is a preferred height according to breed standard but size is not to be sacrificed for quality. Our ideal aussie is smaller than breed standard but they are still australian shepherds.
We do not own nor do we condone the creation or support the development of the new breed Miniature American Shephreds. Due to AKC recognizing many pure australian shepherds switching to this breed, we will no longer support AKC.