Ranch Life
Hello all!
We know that Lazy D Ranch's "Ranch Life" page is one of the most popular pages of our website. A place where anyone can go and see how our dogs REALLY live their lives. Not in cages, crates, kennels or fenced areas but out free roaming our ten acres. This page has also been a place where people can check periodically to see new updated pics of our current dogs and possibly get a picture of what we had going on at the present time.

We hope you enjoy this portion of our website as much as we enjoyed creating and continually updating our page. Our life is an adventure and we LOVE to share it with everyone.
Please click the above picture to see our dogs being, our dogs...

Click the picture below to see our dogs helping us around the ranch...
We feel inclined to tell the public that our dogs DO NOT work unless asked. They do not "chase" our horses and are never in the horses pens unless to grab a horse apple, even with the corrals starting just 10 yards from the house.

We have found working the horses highly effective in keeping our dogs sharp, tuned and on key. A lot of the help our dogs offer us is priceless in keeping this ranch running smoothly.  We have been concencious to only keep breeding stock that had an "off" switch when it came to their instinct and drive.
We believe this is a vital  and sucessful step in preservation and improvment upon this bred.

Our dogs live in a balanced pack and are trained to get along with all animals.